Process Analyst

As a process analyst you are responsible for analyzing, designing, and optimizing a company’s operational processes. They also identify improvement opportunities to increase productivity and product or service quality.


  • Perform process mapping that reflects the organization’s activities
  • Collect and compile information useful for understanding process requirements such as objectives, inputs, outputs, steps, activities, actors, deadlines, scope, rules, requirements, documents, context, risks, etc.
  • Prepare the project activity schedule
  • Coordinate, prepare and lead definition, analysis, and prioritization of process exercises
  • Identify and evaluate process improvement opportunities and quantify potential gains
  • Have a good understanding of the current situation to facilitate the design of the target process
  • Design process flow, system diagrams, flow diagrams, process documents, and procedures to serve as a guide for users
  • Organize and facilitate workshops with key stakeholders concerning the process
  • Reconcile the views of participants when they diverge and aim for maximum synergy
  • Implement improved or new processes
  • Provide advice on systems, procedures, processes, controls, and related issues
  • Conduct training sessions for teams involved in impacted processes


  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a business process analyst
  • BPMN certification
  • Ability to reason and make connections between various data and design appropriate alternatives and conclusions
  • Team player
  • Accompany clients with transparency, integrity, and objectivity
  • Knowledge of process analysis and design techniques/methods
  • Languages: Fluent in NL or FR. Good knowledge of EN


  • Position located in Brussels
  • Hybrid position

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