PM Officer

Project Manager Officer Jobs As a Project Manager Officer (PMO) you are responsible for the planning, implementation and monitoring of specific projects. They also oversee project team members and coordinate efforts between different departments. Responsibilities Establish and implement project governance Ensure compliance with project methodology, tools, and processes Provide project manager with data for decision-making […]

Project Manager

Project Manager Jobs As a project manager, you are responsible for planning, executing, and closing a project, ensuring that it is completed on time, within budget, and to the specified quality standards. You manage resources (human, material, and financial) to achieve goals and effectively communicate with project team members, partners, and sponsors. Responsibilities Coordinating internal […]

Solution Architect

Solution architect Jobs As a solution architect, you are responsible for designing and planning computer systems to meet the business needs of the company. He works closely with internal teams, clients, and suppliers to understand requirements and develop solutions that meet the company’s needs while adhering to budget and time constraints. Responsibilities Software and information […]

Test Engineer

Test Engineer Jobs As a test engineer, you are responsible for planning, setting up, and executing tests to ensure that software products meet quality requirements and user needs. He also works closely with developers to identify and resolve bugs. Responsibilities Utilize testing design techniques, critical analysis and metric management Communicate test progress to test management […]

Entreprise Architect

Enterprise architect Jobs As an enterprise architect you are responsible for developing, coordinating, communicating, and maintaining enterprise architecture models. Responsibilities Evaluating business development strategies and IT processes and suggesting improvements Creating architecture models to reflect the organization’s strategies Research and assess new analysis approaches and provide recommendations and subject matter expertise regarding technology, tools and […]

Process Analyst

Process Analyst Jobs As a process analyst you are responsible for analyzing, designing, and optimizing a company’s operational processes. They also identify improvement opportunities to increase productivity and product or service quality. Responsibilities Perform process mapping that reflects the organization’s activities Collect and compile information useful for understanding process requirements such as objectives, inputs, outputs, […]